Sisteme de detectare şi de alarmă la incendiu

From the simplest alarm systems to the most sophisticated network applications, we can satisfy the most stringent demands in every corner of the globe. Our products and services make lives safer and protect properties.

Illustration Quad.jpgAs the world's largest manufacturer of commercial fire alarm systems, Honeywell supports each local market through a selected group of well-recognized and highly-regarded brands that are Honeywell endorsed. These endorsed brands are institutions in the commercial fire alarm industry and enjoy well-earned confidence as a result of their consistent commitment to utmost quality and delivery.

Our high-featured products routinely demonstrate cutting-edge capability. We design our products around rigorous Voice-of-the-Customer analysis, followed by extensive engineering research, and then produce them through the most modern manufacturing methods.

We are also bound by an ethic to ensure enduring customer experience. Simplicity of installation and commissioning, user-friendly interface and easy programming are all hallmarks of Honeywell Fire Alarm Systems offerings.

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ESSER by Honeywell

ESSER by Honeywell

Modular in design and tailored to special protection objectives and requirements for buildings and systems, ESSER by Honeywell products are the number one choice for demanding quality requirements.

Connected Life Safety Services

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services is a cloud-based platform that supports professionals in system maintenance and enables users to remotely monitor and manage fire alarm systems.