Security Systems

Modern security technology requirements are as varied as the premises to be protected. With products and systems from Honeywell Security and Fire, you can realise security concepts to suit your requirements – including complex, multi-system solutions for office and industrial facilities, properties or retail chains.

A safe investment: maximum security for financial institutions
Alarm systems in financial institutions are subject to the highest security standards and protect both employees and assets. Panic and intruder alarms, for example, can be transmitted over the company's own intranet.

Cost-efficient solutions: multi-system concepts for retail chains
Intruder alarm systems with integrated access control offer franchises and chains efficient protection for all connected stores in a single concept. Internal company networks can be used to transfer information.

Setting the course for greater security: Access control for infrastructural facilities
Integrated solutions for intrusion detection technology and access control permit the central management of flexible access rights for the most varied of areas.

Safe and direct: security solutions for office and non-residential buildings
In office and non-residential buildings, intelligent emergency exit control guarantees the safe usage of all escape routes in an emergency and prevents misuse in day-to-day operation.

Focus on attack prevention: security concepts for public buildings
In large public buildings, such as schools, universities and public authorities, video surveillance, access control and intruder alarm systems offer effective protection against violent attacks, sabotage and vandalism.

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Video technology systems

The reliability, integrity and stability of our systems allow you to meet all of your existing and future security-related challenges with total confidence. Our solutions range from IP cameras and digital and network video recorders through to intelligent video analytics and sophisticated video management systems. Our cameras offer extraordinary image clarity and definition while our video systems permit simple migration from analogue to IP-based technology.


Our intruder alarm systems range from intrusion alarms, control panels and motion sensors through to fully integrated door systems. These include environmental protection and life protection devices as well as perimeter protection products such as glass breakage sensors, seismic sensors and shock sensors.
Some of our systems have a modular design and different communication options, which can be adapted to your requirements. We have wired, wireless and hybrid solutions available.

Access Control

As one of the leading developers of access control solutions, our products range from single-door access control and standalone web hosting access control through to integrated systems that can manage thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points around the world.