Powerful together! Meet our new ASD portfolio...

We are happy to announce that we can from now on offer to you an extended Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) portfolio with a selected variety of Vesda devices and new products within our FAAST Family.
Our Vesda offering includes the well-known Vesda LaserFocus, LaserCompact and VLI detectors for industrial applications as well as the complete new Vesda-E range featuring VESDA Smoke+ which offers dramatically increased sensitivity – up to 15 times greater than previous models. You can find out more about these products here.

VESDA Smoke+
  • Ultra-high sensitivity for greater coverage in high airflow environments
  • Inherent Absolute calibration = Calibration for life
  • Contamination resistance for lower TCO in wider range of applications
  • Particle classification to reject nuisance alarms & enable targeted response
  • Detection of very small particles for earlier detection in a range of applications

With the new FAAST XS detector we additionally have the perfect solution for applications between our EN54-20 Class C FAAST LT and the high performance FAAST XM detectors. The FAAST XS combines advanced particle separation with unique dual source optical smoke detection technology. It can administrate up to 170 m pipe length in standard coverage type applications.
Furthermore we are introducing the FAAST pipe free-blow device usable for all FAAST detectors. It offers the complete function in a one box device. No complex installation with valves which can reduce the airflow. Pipe in, pipe out and compressor connection. That’s it. More details can be found here.

Engineered for reliability with design flexibility, our new ASD systems are purpose-built for operation in the very dirtiest to the cleanest environments and from very small to large open spaces.

We are ready to support and realize your next projects with our comprehensive ASD portfolio.