New Honeywell EN 54-24 HN SERIES Pro Sound loudspeakers


Searching for loudspeakers providing the best audio quality for multipurpose halls or even a big football stadium? And all of that certified to European regulations for voice alarm applications?
The new HN SERIES Honeywell Pro Sound loudspeakers can serve these small-medium up to medium-large scale applications by reproducing sound with an excellent quality, better and smooth coverage and high Sound Pressure Level.

Being certified to EN 54-24, allows them to be able to be used for both actions, entertainment, and emergency content at the same time.

Various types with different chassis and indoor or outdoor finishing, provide the flexibility most pro sound projects request. Outdoor cabinets are prepared to be directly exposure to weather conditions, as rain and dust, protecting them with fiberglass coat, aluminum hardware and inox accessories.

Each model has different accessories that enable to install the speakers in different forms, in walls, roofs and with the capability of rotating them if this is required to save space or modify its acoustical coverage.

The multiple mounting options as well as high audio quality make the new Honeywell Pro Sound loudspeakers, in addition to our VARIODYN PA/VA systems, the best choice.

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