Highest Safety Standards in Office and Retail Environment!

Jul 09, 2019

GTC WHITE HOUSE is Budapest’s most recent office & retail development, led by real estate investors – the GTC Group. Located in the center of Hungary’s capital, the complex comprises a new structure and a fully refurbished factory building. In line with the development’s LEED Platinum sustainability certification, Honeywell delivered a truly innovative fire alarm system. The solution is not only highly efficient but also allows superior flexibility and the integration of several solutions in one system, monitored by Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator software suite.

The Challenges:

Due to the buildings’ varying requirements, Honeywell faced multiple challenges when supplying and installing safety devices and software.
Despite their difference in age, all buildings within the complex had to be equipped with systems and technologies meeting the same regulations in terms of safety, efficiency and sustainability. Given the highly competitive market for office space, GTC White House offers first-class service, quality and flexibility to its tenants. This raises expectations for safety and building technologies even higher. With so many integrated systems at work – from fire alarm systems, to aspirating smoke detection and extinguishing systems, to Public Address and Voice Alarm devices and fire control transponders –
seamless coordination is essential.

The Results:

With its advanced safety and fire alarm solutions, Honeywell contributed in making GTC White House one of the most attractive office buildings on the Hungarian market. Thanks to the integrated and efficient design approach of Honeywell solutions, technical changes can be made without disruption, while lower operating costs over the life span of the building help to meet operational and business goals.

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Image: http://en.gtcwhitehouse.hu/Managed/Banner/gtcwh_northwest_final.jpg