Commissioning IQ8Alarm Plus with tools 8000 V1.24R000

May 08, 2019

The service and commissioning software tools 8000 V1.24R000 offers now the support for the new innovative IQ8Alarm Plus alarm devices and their programming.

For IQ8Alarm Plus alarm transmitters please note the following points to ensure a smooth transition to the new tools 8000 V1.24R000:

  • If fire alarm system already includes IQ8Alarm Plus alarm devices, which were put into operation with older tools 8000 versions as simple/previous IQ8Alarm devices. In this case customer data should be first readout once from the fire alarm control panel via tools 8000 V1.24R000 before a new wiring detection is carried out and not beeing transferred as a customer data file from a previously used, older tools 8000 version.
  • If the wiring detection is started without the first readout of customer data from the fire alarm control panel, the IQ8Alarm Plus alarm devices are recognised as new participants and the detector and control zones must be reassigned. The control outputs must also be reprogrammed.
  • If the customer data has previously been readout once from the fire alarm panel as described above, the alarm and control zone assignments and the programmed control outputs remain unchanged.

You can download the software here, the download process starts automatically after you have logged in.