No warehouse without fire and security systems

Jul 01, 2021

Choosing the right fire alarm system for warehouse or logistic center is not an easy decision.
What to consider when choosing the best solution for your warehouse?
Certainly, the following key points should be taken into account:
legal regulations and requirements
the size of the warehouse
fire load of stored goods
location of the warehouse in relation to other buildings
expectations and requirements of insurances

Fire protection installations in warehouses can be divided into fire alarm systems and systems that start to extinguish the fire before the arrival of firefighters. Both shall not be underestimated, they do not only send messages to warn people, but also activate fire-extinguishing devices, preventing the fire from spreading. One of the most effective fire detectors is the aspirating smoke system, which, thanks to constant air analysis, is able to detect smoke and indicate the occurrence of a fire at its earliest stage.
Did you know that Honeywell offers a broad product portfolio of innovative fire protection and security solutions that ensure safe work, help to protect people, assets and buildings?
ESSER by Honeywell fire alarm systems, VARIODYN D1 voice alarm system as well as the most modern VESDA-E aspirating smoke system on the market will meet all the above requirements and will make your warehouse safe.

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